10/25/2014 - Grant Williams Talks Financial Repression

Special Guest: Grant Williams


Grant suggests that the dictionary defines repression as essentially about trying to repress true feelings. Financial Repression is the government’s attempt to steer behavior away from true investments and into those that assist the government to pay down its debts.

“The result is essentially outright theft by borrowers from savers. The pool of savings on earth is the last really untapped pool of capital that government has to go after”.

According to Grant the explosion in credit through removal from the Gold Standard, financial engineering and keeping interest rates low has left a differential between Credit Growth and GDP that has forced governments with no choice but to adopt Financial Repression policies. By debasing their currency and through inflation government create the most insidious type of wealth transfer that most people just don’t understand.

10/24/2014 - Nick Barisheff Talks Financial Repression

Special Guest: Nick Barisheff – President & CEP, Bullion Management Group Inc.


Nick Barisheff suggests that to protect yourself from government Financial Repression policies, a diversified portfolio with a strategic allocation of 20% in precious metals is presently merited. The Precious Metals allocation should be diversified in physical holdings between gold, silver and platinum.

Nick argues that China is closer to 5000 tons of gold than the 1000-1700 currently reported by official sources. When this all becomes properly understood it will send shock waves through the system!

Barisheff believes China is acquiring physical Gold in its Sovereign Wealth Fund which doesn’t have to report it to anyone. The last time they did the Chinese Central Bank Gold Reserves went from 800 to 1600 tonnes.  They haven’t reported in five years. During this 5 years Nick argues the gold is coming from Leased Gold. There has been approximately 1500 tonnes per year in net leasing over the last 10 years.

09/26/2014 - Mike (Mish) Shedlock Talks Financial Repression

Special Guest: Mike (Mish) Shedlock – MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis


09/26/2014 - Douglas E. French discusses Financial Repression

Special Guest: Douglas E. French – Author, Past President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and noted Casey Research Contributor


The biggest bubble we have is US Treasuries. The believe you can’t get hurt is a quality you always see in a bubble. The idea that lending an entity, that is $17T and going to $18T and beyond in debt, and will never be able to pay that back and the idea that you will get 2.5% for 10 years and it is ‘return free risk’ is certainly bubble territory!


“You have PhD’s at the Fed trying to create economic growth with inflation and low rates. The repression is that people like you and I won’t ever be able to retire because we won’t be able to get any return on our money so we can prop up the government and keep it in business.”

This is the overall Macro Strategy of the government but central planning has never worked! ….. They are essentially trying to print their way out of a jam! ……. Because of Financial Repression almost ¾ Trillion dollars has gone to the government that should be in private hands!!!”


  • People should be worried about their pensions,
  • People should be worried about the Fed’s Repo market and primary dealer delivery failures. This will likely be the cause of the next crash. Money Managers are playing musical chairs every quarter to keep this game going.
  • People should be concerned about liquidity seizures which need to be closely monitored as money managers currently scramble for collateral.
  • “Collateral through Rehypothecation has been pledged and pledged, over and over again…. the average person is going to extraordinarily shocked by something they never saw coming because it is something that is hard to explain and hard to understand”








09/03/2014 - Egon von Greyerz with the FRA

A former banker, Corporate Vice Chairman of a FTSE 100 corporation and founder of Matterhorn Asset Management AG, Egon von Greyez “strongly believes there will be massive wealth destruction in the next few years”.

Von Greyerz personally defines Financial Repression in practical terms as the “manipulation and interference by government in the running of the economy and the lives of normal people”. What this will inevitably lead to he feels will be the “total control of the people and a police state – that is the way we are going in some countries!”

He has been worried about what is presently unfolding since the 1980’s and is very troubled about what he has witnessed and what he clearly saw was coming. “All this was inevitable. It is ridiculous for the central bankers to say they didn’t see this coming. Anyone with just a little bit of intelligence could have seen this coming (of course you can’t be a politician who never see things coming and central bankers are politicians)”.

08/29/2014 - Jeff Berwick – Financial Repression



The founder of the well recognized Canadian web site Stockhouse Media Corporation and CEO until 2002, Jeff Berwick says “around 2003 I woke up and started studying and learning (and I am still doing that to this day) and the more you learn the deeper this ‘rabbit hole’ gets! We are living under a financial system that is completely not real! People are going to find this out pretty soon!”



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