06/03/2024 - The Roundtable Insight – Adam Rozencwajg and Yra Harris on Commodities and Geo-Political Risks

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Lots of discussion in this podcast about geo-political risks to the investor. Check out CedarOwl’s Risk Table for more info on geo-political risks to the investor.

CedarOwl Risk Table – Now Available

CedarOwl is making available its Risk Table – see link at the bottom of the page. The Risk Table is a continually-updated spreadsheet matrix which identifies and assesses existing as well as new risks stemming from risks associated with trends and events happening jurisdictionally around the world. These include but are not limited to government or fiscal policies, central bank policies, and regulatory environment changes.

LINK HERE TO CEDAROWL’S RISK TABLE (refresh the screen for updates)

Types of events include, but are not limited to:

  • nationalization of businesses or properties by a country;
  • expropriations or freezing of assets;
  • impositions of new regulations on certain industries;
  • commodity export bans;
  • changes in rules on registered accounts like 401k plans, RSPs, Superannuation;
  • regional conflicts or wars affecting economies and markets.

The matrix table also has CedarOwl‘s risk mitigation strategies which help CedarOwl with its investment process.


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