04/11/2024 - CedarOwl – Dividend-Paying Companies We Invest In – April 2024 Edition

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Here are just a few of the crowning qualifications that gave us the green-light to feature today’s pick on the first of our monthly series:

  • This company currently pays about 15% dividend yields.(from stockcharts.com and investing.com)
  • In addition to dividend distributions, this company shows a potential for capital appreciation, making them potentially promising for both short and long-term strategies.
  • This company’s business model is currently based on assets in an underinvested, undervalued jurisdiction.
  • This company deploys great sustainability programs and initiatives.
  • This company strives towards international-based environmental certification on their assets.
  • This company is currently leveraging digitalization technologies for growth and operational efficiencies, supportive of UN SDGs 8, 9 & 16.
  • This company has over 20 years of proven, stable growth since it started in 1991.
  • This company is publicly listed on two exchanges for ease of access.

Next up, let’s introduce today’s company pick and explore an up-to-date fundamental and technical analysis on its equity share price. Introducing …

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