03/23/2024 - CedarOwl – Introducing a new service – “We Invest in Positive Ideas”

CedarOwl: We are excited to very soon be able to offer you a service which we hope you will find to be of value to you. The service focuses on helping to answer these questions:


  • What are the interesting trends in the economy and the financial markets?


  • What are the interesting opportunities we are investing in?


  • Who are the top 10 economists and asset managers – our Most Admired Advisors (MAA) – we think have the best insightful views and perspective on the economy, the financial markets, and interesting investment ideas? And can we summarize what these economists and asset managers are saying in publicly available articles, essays, reports and podcasts in a brief way, saving you time?


  • What are interesting investing ideas we are using or considering for getting income and dividends? How are we targeting a portfolio with overall income yields of over 10%?


  • Are there ways to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to help society and the environment –
    • which make environmental sense, financial sense and economic sense?
    • which are aligned with the positives of human nature?
    • which we are investing in?


The service will launch very soon within the next few weeks. You can subscribe today with your email address:

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