02/26/2024 - Alejandro Tagliavini on Argentina President Milei and the Market Economy that was Not

“There remains the hope that he will return to his speech, not so excellent, but in the right direction and adopt a free market economy, liberating, decreasing the weight of the State over the private sector.”

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Cedargold research group:
Some good suggestions and ideas towards the end of the essay .. our thoughts and suggestions, which if anyone is interested in expanding into a document to send to President Milei, please contact us:
* a detailed plan with initial quick wins over 3 to 6 months to show good progress in the right direction
* a regulatory review process to eliminate duplicate or outdated or anti-market regulations will help
* an encouragement of foreign direct investments to get dollars and investment flowing into the country will help .. also tax incentives for entrepreneurs and innovators to setup new businesses and thereby hire new jobs
* a promotion of the Argentine tourism industry
* a setting up of an international university like Hayek College in Brasilia Brazil to educate on Austrian School of Economics to Argentinians and to foreign nationals as recognizing Argentina as a new emerging global leader in this economics
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