11/04/2022 - The Roundtable Insight – David Rosenberg, Peter Boockvar and Yra Harris on the Economy and the Financial Markets

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Link to find more info on Peter’s work – https://boockreport.com/

Link to find more info on David’s work – https://www.rosenbergresearch.com/

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From Rosenberg Research: “We strive to be investors’ first and most trusted resource for economic research and financial market strategy. President and Chief Economist & Strategist, David Rosenberg, brings decades of experience in analyzing current trends and identifying future shifts in the global economy and financial markets, with an unwavering commitment towards helping his clients navigate their portfolios in an ever-changing, uncertain world.  At Rosenberg Research, we provide the information, insights and strategy to enhance your investment decisions, backed by our team’s macroeconomic research capabilities and David’s unique market lens.”

Link to Yra’s blog – https://yragharris.com/

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