01/19/2022 - Louis-Vincent Gave on Russia, China and the U.S. Dollar

“China and Russia are the most obvious natural trade partners in the world, right? Russia produces all the commodities that China needs. And China produces all the consumer goods and the finished goods and the capital goods that Russia needs to continue industrializing. So, you know, for them to, you know, if there’s one, you know, sort of bilateral trade relationship where you can imagine that trade will continue to expand at many times the rates of GDP growth, it’s got to be that one. And so, you know, and you know, the more trade you have between two countries, usually, you know, if you’re a believer in Ricardian equivalency and Ricardian comparative advantages, then, you know, you got to look at it positively.” – Louis-Vincent Gave on MacroVoices

Link Here to the MacroVoices Transcript

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