02/19/2021 - Felix Zulauf: On Crazy Policies and Commodities

“The most attractive assets are long-duration assets: the shares of companies that can achieve sales and earnings growth even in difficult economic and political environments, and real assets. Growth stocks are highly valued, but if bond yields and inflation stay low for the next five years, these stocks will do well.

I invest in themes. I like the agriculture theme. Jim Rogers said years ago at a Barron’s Roundtable that farmers were aging, and there weren’t new farmers taking their place. We have fewer farms in the world today, and they have to produce more, for more people. There are shortages everywhere, and climate events are affecting harvests and causing prices to spike.

I am also quite bullish on oil. The U.S. dollar probably has about 30% downside over the next five years. That is bullish for commodities in general, which are traded in U.S. dollars. I could see West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. benchmark crude, trading at $100 a barrel in four years, because the Biden administration’s policies are against drilling for new oil.”

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