12/22/2020 - Yra Harris: Never Have Been and Never Will Be

“The U.S. Treasury named the Swiss a MANIPULATOR on December 16. And it just so happened that the SNB happened to have a meeting the following morning. The Swiss response was terse: “The SNB is keeping the SNB policy rate and interest on sight deposits at the SNB at -0.75%. In light of the highly valued Swiss franc, the SNB remains willing to intervene more strongly in the foreign exchange market.”

The SNB is concerned about an overly desirable Swissie having a continued deflationary effect on the Swiss economy. This is the same RATIONALE used by all central banks as they keep interest rates lower for longer. The FED is “guilty” of using the same rationale to embark on a continued its ZIRP in an effort to meet its inflation target. Could the Treasury be more DISINGENUOUS? The only concern for markets is that this use of the LABEL will keep continued downward pressure on the DOLLAR as there are some central banks that fear being so labelled with all the negative effects, possible financial repercussions.

This sums up the negative aspects that fiat currencies find themselves. Bitcoin and precious metals, anyone?”

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