08/23/2017 - Yra Harris: “Low Volatility Priced With So Much Uncertainty Will Provide Dangerous Outcomes.”

“‘It’s time to stop wasting our money and recognise the high priests for what they really are: gifted social scientists who excel at producing mathematical explanations of economies,but who fail,like astrologers before them, at prophecy.’ …. The juxtaposition of Jackson Hole with the SOLAR ECLIPSE is perfect for understanding the FED‘s deficiencies. The ROCKET SCIENTISTS at NASA were able to provide exactitude for monitoring the path of the eclipse, knowing to the minute when locales spread over a 3,000-mile path would be viewing the commencement of this rare astronomical event. We were told to don certain GLASSES to view the full eclipse so as not to harm our eyes .. The FED has provided a once-in-a-lifetime experiment to promote a resolution to a severe financial dislocation, but the progenitors of a massive liquidity cannot provide a sense of certainty to the path out of the financial experiment. And, they have no sense of how it ends. The FED, like NASA, bases its outcomes on sophisticated models but in following its theoretical construct we also need glasses: ROSE-COLORED GLASSES. The FED, ECB and BOJ will allude to exit strategies but they do not ensure the certain path of predicting TOTALITY that concludes in South Carolina. Low volatility priced with so much uncertainty will provide dangerous outcomes. When? I don’t know and I say that with great certainty.”

Notes From Underground: Can Jackson Hole Foster a “Dynamic Global Economy”?

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