06/05/2017 - Hot Off The Press – Incrementum’s In Gold We Trust Report

Incrementum is out with their latest annual “In Gold we Trust” report. As always, they try to deliver a holistic analysis of gold and financial markets in general, of course from a very Austrian perspective ..

Key topics and takeaways of the report:
• High expectations of Trump’s growth policy dampened the gold price increase in 2016 – Still up 8.5% in 2016 and 10.2% since Jan. 2017
• The further development of the normalization of monetary policy in the US will be the litmus test for the US economy.
• Bitcoin: Digital gold or fool’s gold?
• White, Gray and Black Swans and their consequences for the gold price
• Exclusive Interview with Dr. Judy Shelton (Economic advisor to Donald Trump) about a possible remonetisation of gold
• 5 Reasons why the gold bull market will continue

LINK HERE to the Report

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