02/17/2016 - Yra Harris: Negative Interest Rates Creating The Ultimate Liquidity Trap

“Chair Yellen has sparked a heated discussion about the possibility of negative rates in the U.S. as the Fed tries, yet again, to provide a calm port for debtors being tossed about by the lack of any inflation to relieve the burdens of too much debt. Nothing like a good currency debasement to ease the pressure of debt on a society‚Äôs balance sheets. The longer the central banks repress savers without igniting the flames of inflation the more detrimental the ZIRP and possibly NIRP (negative interest rate policy). If savers are receiving nothing on their earnings and inflation is not providing debt relief, the entire financial system seems to stagnate and that is apparently what is happening worldwide. This is the ultimate liquidity trap and the fear of central banks having no answers is at the top of the list of investor concerns. I warned about this possible outcome for many years and now it seems the possibility is becoming reality.”

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